Multi-Dimensional Use

Viroguard™ protection coating is beneficial to almost all the Public, Private & Govt sector organisations as it continuously kills Virus and Bacterias on Multi surface for 90 days

Public Transport

Metro, Buses, train & cabs etc) the interior of the vehicle such as hard seats, arm rests, door handles, seat belt buckles, light and air controls, doors and windows, and grab handles 


staircases, elevators, security guard booth, cabins, conference rooms, cafeteria, elevators button, handrail / handles, call buttons, public counters, telephones, printers / scanners, table tops, chair handles, pen, keyboards, mouse, tea/coffee dispensing machine, toilets commode, sink, tap & fittings etc


entrance lobby, receptions, waiting area, security guard booth, elevator buttons, card swipe machines, keys, restaurant, gym, door handles, toilets, taps and fittings, computers, Televisions, guest rooms


entrance lobby, reception area, waiting area, benches, chairs, clinical worktops, commodes, computers, Couch, drip stands, furniture and fittings, Infant incubators, Televisions, wards, toilets, basins or sinks

School & Colleges

Security Guard gate, lobby, class rooms, boards, furniture, toilets, staircase, handrail, notice board, windows, doors, door handles, toilets, labs, lab equipment, school bus, indoor game boards or courts and the poles


specific disinfection checklists and techniques through industrial washing, chemical depilation, fumigation, industrial scouring


Continuously kills all microbes contacting the surface. It also inhibits the growth of microorganisms and does not causes damage to the Surface.


Protects metals against corrosion. Anti-corrosive properties ensure metal components have the longest possible lifespan

UV Protection

It protects the surface from sun damage by upto 95% thus increasing the life of the surface.

VOC Elimination

It Destroys Volatile Organic Compounds like Pollutants and Odours from the air and keeps your surrounding clean and healthy.

Super hydrophilic

Moisture goes out invisibly on the surface coated by Viroguard which provides for clear and unobstructed vision. It cleans the surface continuously.

Lowest Comprehensive Cost

Economically effective as single application last for 90 days or 5000 touches which is cheaper than any mode of sanitization.


Electrostatic Application of Viroguard Surface Protection at your Office, Hotel, Hospital, School & Colleges and industries. Our Service process is given below:

  • Virus Risk Assessment via ATP Swab Testing.
  • Electrostatic application of Viroguard at the facility by experts.
  • Re-assessment of Virus and Bacteria via ATP Swab Testing.
  • Three Periodic Contamination Assessment at 30-60-90 days.
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Electro Static Coating is the process that employs charged particles to more effectively to the surface and does not damage electrical or electronic appliances.

  • Over 4 to 7-fold deposit efficiency improvement
  • Provides uniform dispersion and coating
  • Leaves no visible residue
  • Reduces “hang-time”
  • Coats air-borne and non-conductive targets
  • 30 to 60 micon spray droplets
  • 900 times smaller droplets that sprayers


Testing and Verification

Adenosine Trisphosphate (ATP) is an energy molecule found in all living things. The detection of ATP is therefore a clear indicator in determining the efficiency of cleaning processes in removing bacteria. It is done to:

  • Demonstrate due diligence to client as part of successful protection coating
  • Ensure that all Viruses and Bacteria are killed.
  • Ensure Quick, effective and accurate method of validating cleaning practices.
  • Quick Result in just 15 Secs


VIROGUARD™️ comes in three differnet packs.
200 ml Combo pack with Pre-Cleaner, 200 ML Solo Pack and 500 ML pack


Simple 3 Step Process of SHAKE - SPRAY – WIPE is all you need for 90 days protection



Treated surface forms a strong spike like Molecular bond and will not be removed by regular cleaning.



Treated surfaces stays self-disinfecting for 90 days with just 1 application.



It inactivate viruses, and kills bacteria and fungi which causes diseases stains, odours or surface damage.

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Don’t take our word,. See what our experts says about the watch. We have got lots of positive reviews.


As responsible school we’re thinking what can be done to protect our students, daily sanitization of complete school seems to be unpractical. After observing the complete swab test for one week, now we feel we can protect our students, teachers and support staff. MR. MAYANK SHARMA OWNER SKS WORLD SCHOOL GROUP.


“I’ve protected my complete home, now I’m tension free while enjoying my family time at home, to me this is innovation. Application is also very simple with small precaution; I ecommend this Product" MRS ANITA RAI- TIMES INTERNET


“Recently, I came to know about this magical solution, Viroguard. The company official had demonstrated the contamination counts on my regular surfaces before coating and after 1 week after coating through ATP and swab tests. I’m sure this product will protect me for 90 days" MR KAMAL NATH- CEO SIFY TECHNOLOGIES



Can Viroguard be applied to all types of surfaces?

The multi surface protection coating can be used on many different types of surfaces, absorbent and non-porous, even textile and leather.

Will Continuous surface cleaning still required after getting Viroguard protective coat?

Yes, cleaning is still required if the surface is muddy. Daily cleaning of coated surfaces with cloth and water / detergent, will not do any hard to the protective layer.

Does Viroguard protect us from the COVID-19 virus?

The coating has been tested against a number of viruses and bacteria. Based on the test results from many countries, it is effective in protection against COVID-19 also.

Is Viroguard safe for infants and young children?

Yes. It has been tested to be safe for infants and young children, but keep the solution away from the reach children and infants, they can intake the solution which can be risky. Please refer MSDS sheet for more details

What are the lively elements in this coating solution?

The active component is modified quaternary ammonium chloride which has been listed by the US-EPA as the effective ingredient against COVID-19.

Do you ship internationally?

Please refer to our Shipping & Handling page for more details.

What happens if all your delivery attempt gets failed?

You can track your delivery status on our delivery partner web with the airway bill numbers. Alternatively, you’ll get the status update of theses deliveries through SMS, In case the order returned due to non-delivery, we’ll cancel the order and process partial refund delivery charges will not be refunded

How does the coating stay effective for 3 months?

The coating contains an active ingredient that is effective against many micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. The solution will create bond to the surface for prolonged duration due to the unique bonding agents in the solution. The bonding is strong enough to withstand repeated cleaning and disinfecting for up to 3 months.

Does that mean I can stop washing my hands?

Not at all. Please do not get unworried. Washing your hands is fundamental for good personal hygiene. Even if all the high-frequency touch points are coated with Viroguard, those are not the only surfaces you will touch. Moreover, surface transmission is not the only way germs transmit.

Is Viroguard safe to the skin and to the environment?

The coating has been tested by the US EPA and NABL approved laboratories and is found to be harmless to the skin and to the environment, but we recommend to use complete protective kits while applying the solution, please refer MSDS for more details

What is your delivery TAT?

Normally the orders are delivered within three days but depending on classification of your area the delivery time can vary.

Can I modify my orders?

Once your order is established, the order quantity and shipping type may not be modified. But please email us immediately with your Order ID and Payment details If your order has not been shipped, we can try to help you but If your order has already been shipped, then unfortunately we’re unable to assist you at that point

Can I correct the mistake which I did while ordering in shipping details?

Yes. Please connect us immediately, with order and payment details we can try to help in correction of relevant details. If your order has already been shipped, we are regrettably unable to assist at that point.

Can Viroguard be applied to all types of surfaces?

The multi surface protection coating can be used on many different types of surfaces, absorbent and non-porous, even textile and leather.




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